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History workshops

Our fun and interactive primary history days come in the shape of a Roman Britain workshop, a First World War stretcher bearer workshop, a Victorian Inventions workshop and a Second World War Home Front workshop.  All are matched to the new curriculum and come with free lesson planning on the related websites.  


Each workshop begins with an interactive timeline and artefact handling session and continues with a range of activities throughout the day, using a combination of genuine and replica artefacts.  For example, the pupils try on armour and throw (safe) replica spears in our Roman workshop; march like WW1 soldiers in our WW1 workshop; use a real stirrup pump to extinguish pretend WW2 firebombs in our WW2 workshop, and get the opportunity to take pictures of their friends with a genuine 1880 lens in our Victorian Inventions workshop.


In addition, all workshops come in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two versions which themselves can be adapted further to meet your particular needs.  Please scroll down for more details of each workshop.

Victorian Inventions workshop

WW2 Blitz workshop

Our Victorian Inventions workshop is a unique opportunity to combine history, science and DT objectives into one workshop made up of 4 exciting activities from 4 key inventions of the Victorian age.


Power Stephenson's Rocket; take Victorian photos; use a real morse code machine and make music box songs in this exciting and original workshop.


In addition, the workshop is suitable for a range of options to suit your needs, in KS1 and KS2 versions, for a single class or mulit classes and also for a half day or full day, with different prices to suit your budget.


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Our WW2 history workshop comes in two themes, for either air raid warden or home guard, and uses the same successful format as the Victorian workshop, with the investigation of Second World War artefacts including many gas masks, period clothing, relics from the blitz such as bomb parts and an aeroplane navigation aid, an evacuee suitcase and even an accurate model of air raid wardens building a warden's post!


Activities for this workshop include putting out pretend fires with a stirrup pump, blacking out windows in a team competition as the warden shouts 'put that light out!', code breaking using the electric telegraph and a really fun marching task for the home guard version.


Please visit for many more details of this history workshop.

""My favourite part of the day was the Victorian photos where you got dressed up.  You had your own photo taken with a victorian lens but a new camera.  It was awesome!" - Y6 pupil, Bolton

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Romans workshop

Our Roman Britain workshop takes pupils on a journey through the key events of the invasion and occupation of Roman Britain, via our friendly Roman auxilliary soldier, Mr B.


Beginning with an interactive timeline as per all our history workshops, the day is based around a series of themed activities related to the life of a Roman auxilliary soldier stationed on Hadrian's wall in AD122, including examing Roman kit and wearing Roman armour, marching in the famous Testudo (tortoise) formation, and even throwing some (very) safe Roman spears at targets!


Please visit for many more details of this history workshop.


Roman school workshop - testudo formation Roman school workshop - trying on armour Roman school workshop - spear throwing

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First World War workshop

Our First World War workshop offers a unique insight into the life of a WW1 stretcher bearer.


Dressed in an RAMC uniform, and based on the actual story of his Grandad, Richard Charles Donaldson, who was a real stretcher bearer in WW1, Mr B brings the topic to life with an interactive timeline followed by themed activities as follows:


'A soldier's life': pupils investigate a soldier's pack and even try it on!

Marching: pupils learn how to march using broomsticks for rifles!

First aid: Pupils learn all about WW1 first aid, including usnig a real stretcher!


Please visit for many more details of this history workshop.

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