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Science workshops and 'wow!' days

Our interactive science workshops are perfect for that special 'wow' day or as part of a science week.  Suitable for either one or more classes in a day or the whole school over a couple of days, pupils will get the opportunity to investigate the topic thoroughly with fun and memorable demonstrations and experiments designed to bring relevance to their learning.


from 'Rocket' to rockets!


Power a Mars Rover and design and fire a rocket!

Expanding on our history workshop for Victorian Inventions, our Incredible Inventions: from Rocket to rockets! science workshop allows us to investigate a range of the most important inventions from differing periods in a truly engaging experience for all pupils,   It is also entirely bespoke and can be matched to the needs of most schools, year groups and class sizes by simply choosing different inventions and their associated activities.


Inventions to choose from include steam power (where pupils power Stephenson's Rocket around a track using compressed air as per our Victorian inventions workshop), the electric telegraph, the motor car, photography, aeroplanes, the aeroplane, and rockets, all of which include a fun associated task.  For example, the aeroplane task involves pupils designing and making their own paper aeroplane then using two electric plane launchers to see who gets furthest, and the camera task involves pupils tracing an image from our very own hand-made portable camera obscura.

If it's rocket science that you are after, look no further than our 'Rockets to Rovers' primary science workshop, which is a great way to enthuse pupils about the earth and space topic while learning about the friction forces of drag, air resistance and gravity.  


Starting with a whole group HD video presentation, pupils learn about space flight using a range of actual scale models, videos and real space flown artefacts such as parts of a space shuttle tile and the Apollo 11 gold foil heatshield.  This is followed by a day spent investigating the forces that man had to overcome to leave the earth and head off into space in one of the best science workshops you can buy.  These begin with a turn at guiding our own 1/8th scale Mars rover across a range of different terrain, moving on to pupils designing and testing their own air powered paper rockets in a rocket race against classmates, and ending with (weather permitting) a chance to launch a real rocket and predict where it will land in the school playground or field.

incredible inventions primary science workshop rockets to rovers primary science workshop

"Thank you so much for a wonderful, creative science workshop!  It was engaging, relevant and hands-on and the pupils' writing was excellent afterwards!" - Y6 teacher, Oldham


A replica Apollo spacesuit a signed BUZZ ALDRIN glove!

Our 'A Spaceman in your School' workshop is probably the most orignal school science workshop in the UK.


Using a replica Apollo spacesuit hand-made in the USA, Mr B takes pupils on a journey through the space race with a HD video presentation, real space flown artefacts and even a chance for pupils to have their picture taken wearing the helmet and a glove ACTUALLY SIGNED BY BUZZ ALDRIN, the 2nd man on the moon!


Available for either KS1 and KS2, the workshop can be tailored to your needs, wether you want it taught in role as a spaceman for a y1 story writing topic, or as a more factual experience about the actual science of the real suit for a KS2 space topic.   In addition, the workshop is a perfect match for the Neil Armstrong 'famous person' strand of the new KS1 curriculum.

Spaceman school workshop spaceman school workshop helmet Spaceman workshop buzz signing our glove!

Buzz Aldrin signing our glove!

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