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Workshop Prices

In this difficult financial period we believe that you should know the prices at this point rather than having them hidden.  They are below many of our competitors and reflect the very high quality of our workshops, which, with a 100% satisfaction rate across many years, we believe are the best in the UK. They cover the use of all the artefacts and equipment used for the visit + all the teaching activities. The only exception below is the multi-class upgraded versions for Stone Age and Romans, which are impossible to price for now as it requires a bespoke price for each different case, which you will be quoted for when we know your circumstances and needs.


SINGLE CLASS, HALF DAY:   £315 now £283.50!
SINGLE CLASS, FULL DAY, when available:   £365 now £328.50!

MULTIPLE CLASSES, UP TO 2 in a half day or 4 in a day, KS1 or KS2
(one different activity each for any topic or the same repeated)

HALF DAY:   £385  
now £346.50!
FULL DAY:   £485 n
ow £436.50!
+optional upgraded versions for Stone Age and Romans,
see note at top of page  

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