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Our workshop terms and conditions


  • Payment terms: 30 days from receipt of invoice

  • Cancellation terms: Please note that the school will be liable for a fee of 50% of the total cost of the workshop if it is cancelled within 14-8 days of the scheduled date, or 75% if cancelled within the final 7 days before the event

Space required

  • Minimum space required: Each workshop has a specified space that is required as dictated by the activity and our risk assessments (viewable on request) and you will be informed about these at the time of booking or during our pre visit email closer to the date

  • Specific space required for multi-class workshops across the course of one day (e.g. for 2, 3 or 4 classes in a day, with a session each): Unless agreed otherwise, all the following workshops require us to have the same static base to work in for at least the am and pm (though we can move at lunchtime if required) due to the large amount of equipment we have to set up.  In other words this means we can't move between rooms please at morning breaktime or mid-afternoon:
    - ALL history workshops
    - Sword fencing
    - These science workshops: sound / electricity / materials / evolution / light / rocks and fossils / rockets / forces / human body / spaceman / Stephenson's Rocket / Victorian photography

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